What's In The Box?

Extra Credits Holiday Game Jam 2018


This game was made in just a few days for Extra Credits Holiday Game Jam 2018.

The year is 20XX. Santa Claus is dead.


At the North Pole, challengers compete to become the new Santa Claus. Santa's elves (those that survived) have their favourites and are making bets on which competitor makes it out on top.

  • This is a 2-player local multiplayer fighting game.  

  • You can punch and dodge attacks.

  • An elf will throw presents into the ring that can be opened by players. 

  • A present can contain various power-ups or a bomb. Can you tell if a present is a bomb before it disappears? Is it worth the risk?

  • Bomb blast clears power-ups for any player that is hit.

Some development highlights

  • 2-Player local multiplayer action.

  • Multiple power ups that can stack and be cleared.

  • "Juicing" - Game Feel