Project Aerosol

  • Type of project: Multiplayer Game

  • Role: Lead Developer

  • Date: February 2017 - Present

Project Aerosol is a mashup of two of my favourite games on the Sega Dreamcast: Jet Set Radio and Power Stone. 

Each player has a set of chosen graffiti tags and must visit tagging areas on the map. Once in a tagging area the player is presented with input gestures, each having an assigned color. Tags are completed by giving the correct input gesture with the correct paint color equipped. 

Since this is a multiplayer title, other players are competing for tag areas and may "overwrite" your hard work. Use your melee combat skills to stop other players from completing their own tags. At the end of the match, players are ranked by how many of their tags are left intact and score multipliers are applied for larger, more complex tags.

© 2019 by Kevin Whitmore.

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