Evil Never Rests

7DFPS Jam 2018, Finally Finish Something Jam 2019


Originally developed over the course of a week for 7DFPS Jam on itch.io, Evil Never Rests is my take on the survival horror genre. The general idea is that you're dropped in this enclosed environment with a creature on the loose. There's no way to kill the creature so you just need to be creative and try to survive as long as possible.

You can run, sprint, jump, crouch/crawl, and pick up rocks that you can then throw at the creature to try and knock it down to gain some distance on it. The creature is slower at certain tasks, so a smart player will create a path for the monster that slows it down.

All of this strategy is necessary because you, the player, have fatigue that needs to be managed. Everything you do in the game will make you more and more tired (even just standing there!). So you'll need to rest, but the creature doesn't. While resting you won't be able to see anything so you'll have to rely on your hearing to know when the creature is getting close.

This game can be played with a mouse and keyboard (Apple users - right click is required so you may need an appropriate mouse) or any standard gamepad (Xbox 360, Xbox One, DualShock 3, DualShock 4, etc).


The 7DFPS Jam version is still available as a free demo for the full version that was submitted to Finally Finish Something Jam 2019. Some of the improvements in the final release include:

  • Ragdoll physics for the creature.

  • Able to stop and pick up a stone that you can then use to throw at the creature to slow it down.

  • Variable height terrain (bridges, hills, etc). The creature can jump now.

  • Graphics overhaul.

  • Fatigue now updates on a curve while resting (was linear before).

  • You can jump!

  • Visual effects for when fatigue gets too high (double vision, blur, etc).

  • New sound effects and ambient audio.

  • A special area that will clear your fatigue without you having to rest. Where is it?

  • Improved controls.

  • Better how to play screen.

  • Lots of little gameplay tweaks.


Some development highlights

  • Creating atmosphere.

  • Creature AI using Navigation Mesh and A* search with area costs.

  • Variable height terrain, AI that can traverse this terrain effectively.

  • Sound design from the start.

  • Expanding on a previous project.