For There are three different areas that this company excels at and they are film and television, digital and interactive applications, as well as design and marketing services. Most of the work I did for them falls under the digital and interactive umbrella. For more information about Electric Monk Media you can visit their website at www.electricmonkmedia.com



Virtual Reality Installation

This was a virtual reality welding simulator for training purposes. The trainee wields an actual welding gun that has been modified to include a gyroscope and accelerometer. Leap Motion hardware is used as well for precise tracking of the tip of the gun. The application reads data from the welding gun via an Arduino interface. This project was developed using the Unity engine.


Recycling Starts Here

Augmented Reality App

This mobile app was released only a few weeks after Pokemon Go and uses similar augmented reality (AR) features. It was designed to encourage recycling and allows users with the app to point their phone at any recycling container and prompt a digital experience.


Most blue bins provide information about what can be recycled but a handful of special bins were located throughout the city of Winnipeg. When these special bins were scanned it would trigger special 3D interaction in the world (as viewed through your phone's camera) such as a band playing live music. The special bins would also enter the user into a contest when scanned.

For this project I worked on everything except for the back-end that was necessary for registering scans for the contest. This included working with Vuforia for AR within the Unity engine, preparing UI and screens, programming of screens, navigation, user profiles, and more.


Phantom of the Forest

Virtual Reality Installation

A VR tech demo that evolved into a short narrative experience. Players took control of a Great Grey Owl and had to survive a week in the Boreal Forest of Manitoba, Canada by hunting voles and braving harsh weather conditions.

I worked on the flight controller for the owl, camera controls and tooling, vole behaviour, various game mechanics, and more.


Embodying Empathy

Virtual Reality Installation

This project is a virtual reality installation that allows users to experience the stories of survivors of the Fort Alexander Residential School that operated from 1906 to 1970 on Sagkeeng First Nation near Powerview, Manitoba. The experience is from the perspective of an Indigenous student who is attending the school.

A great deal of care was taken in developing this project. There was consultation with Indigenous communities about ethics, trauma, and accessibility. Electric Monk Media also collaborated with the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the English Media Lab at the University of Manitoba.

For this project I worked on narrative systems, interaction systems, user interfaces, and general programming tasks.

Propaganda Llama


Video Game

My contribution to this game is some voice work which was a lot of fun to do as all characters speak in differing tones utter nonsense.


Coffee Gets You There

Video Game

This game began as game made in a few days for Coffee Game Jam on itch.io. In it, you are tasked with getting to work on time using a limited amount of coffee that keeps you alert and focused.


As your coffee level lowers your character become more unwieldly to control and tripping on things like curbs or trash on the ground becomes more likely. Your field of view is also affected when craving that brew.

After gaining a lot of popularity on Itch I pitched it to Electric Monk with my ideas for turning it into a full game. The project was greenlit and I lead the team during its development. This game was put on hold for a while but is currently in development again, rebranded as "Joe vs The Decaffeinated". See www.electricmonkmedia.com for more information.

The original game can be found at whitmorekevinj.itch.io/coffee-gets-you-there

Everything Else

2014 - 2019

In over 5 years of doing work for Electric Monk there have been numerous other exciting projects that I was involved in but unfortunately can't give many details about. These included other video games, mobile apps, web apps, and cutting-edge technology in various spaces. There is no shortage of amazing work being done by this company at any given moment.